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About Us

Trachte provides modular, prefabricated buildings, shelters and large-format enclosures in transportable sizes from 4' to 30' wide. Because Trachte buildings are pre-assembled, they are equipment ready immediately after delivery and placement. Pre-assembly saves time and money by streamlining projects and facilitating the acquisition of multiple small complex buildings.
Trachte buildings are routinely specified by major engineering firms, utilities and communications carriers.

Engineers appreciate design flexibility, a broad array of appearance options and a framework design that permits easy expansion. Further, engineers appreciate the fact that these prefabricated structures are manufactured to satisfy current editions of the IBC (International Building Code) and the NEC (National Electrical Code).Trachte obtains state approvals in states that have a program, currently 33 states.


  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Humidity control
  • Cable trays