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Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA) is a wilderness-based, therapeutic boarding school. Our 12-month program provides a 5-to-1 student to staff ratio for teen boys and girls ages 12-17. Our gender separate programs each have a maximum capacity for 18 students. A unique faith-based approach and authoritative community provide an unplugged environment to foster healthy relationships, alleviate anhedonia, promote identity formation, and work through the challenges of life.

SHA bolsters a fully accredited academy dedicated to helping teens develop a positive and successful future. Our certified teaching staff offer a quality education and career enrichment.

Our direct care staff receive over forty hours of training in their field annually. Such training includes de-escalation techniques, safety interventions and emotional support methods. Staff also receive training in our unique eight step approach to relationships through our Relationship Model, exclusive to SHA.

Therapy at SHA is holistically-focused and empirically-based. Our team of licensed clinicians create an accepting environment delivering weekly individual, group and equine relationship therapy. Individualized treatment plans are developed for each family. Teens participate in Family Therapy and Yoga-Psychotherapy. SHA also addresses issues of spirituality as they pertain to each individual.

During their time at SHA, teens also work toward core life skills. SHA is a program that offers both hope and healing to the entire family!


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